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Consumer Loan

High Loan Limit:

Up to 1 Billion Vietnamese Dongs.

Long Loan Tenors:

Up to 120 months

Repayment Method:



• Tenor: Up tp 120 months
• Loan Limit: Maximum 85% total loan demand, up to 1 billion VND
• Repayment Method: Flexible repayment methods that suit customers' repayment capacity
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• Applicant: Individual customer in need of loan for consumption
• Loan repayment source: Salary, properties rental, business result...
• Collaterals : Real estate, car

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• Application for Loan and repayment plan;
• Family record book or long-term temporary residential permit, identity card or passport;
• Documentary evidence of accumulative assets and repayment source;
• Documentary evidence of the loan use purpose
• Documents of collateral
• Other Documents (if any)
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Simple procedure, fast processing time
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