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Financing to corporates for rice business activities

Meeting working capital demands for production, business, processing and exporting rice.

Domestic usance Letter of Credit Payable at sight

Secure transactions for both the Buyer and the Seller when purchasing – selling goods in Viet Nam

Credit arranging commitment

Meeting demands for bidding, investing project or other purposes satisfy the conditions for issuing commitment on credit arrangements of BAOVIET Bank.

Supplemental credit for small and medium enterprises

Supplement working capital to serve the legal production and business of the Client.

Financing to corporate for producing and trading medical supplies and medical equipment

- Meeting working capital demands for production, business Medical equipment, Medical supplies - Investment loans in factories, machinery, equipment, lines, and medical supplies"

Forex exchange for corporate

Applicable for Spot transaction, Forward transaction and Swap transaction

Regulations on Loans Secured by Bonds issued by BAOVIET Bank

Serving customers' legal business and production activities

SME OPEN - Unsecured Credit For SMEs

BAOVIET Bank provides unsecured credit for SMEs to meet the needs of business activities.

Car agent loan

Is a credit product for corporate customers who are domestic car agencies with many outstanding incentives

Overdraft Current Account

It is the optimal financial solution for corporate when it is necessary to supplement the temporary capital shortage

Fast Credit Approval

It is a product of which the evaluation and approval process are standardized and simplified to facilitate corporate customer

SME +++ preferential loans

A product integrating many benefits such as quick approval, preferential interest rates, fees, credit ratio ...

Foreign Currency Loan

It is a product to meet the needs for borrowing capital in foreign currency to serve business and production activities for resident customer

Car +++ Loan

It is an express car loan product for corporate customers to create simplicity and convenience with many preferences


It is a credit extension product for customers of BVGI (Bao Viet Insurance)

Financing petroleum trading corporate

Package project finance is a package of banking products for petroleum trading corporate

Project Financing

Package project finance is a package of banking products for Customer when participating in a project/package

Fast Financing to Small and Medium Enterprises ( SME Fast)

Meeting working capital demands for production, business of corporates

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