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Term Deposit

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Fast, Convenient


- Currency: VND, USD, EUR
- Term: offered by BAOVIET Bank by day, week, month
- Interest rate: According to the interest rate schedule offered by BAOVIET Bank each period
- Interest payment method: on value date, monthly, quaterly, or on maturity date
- Early withdrawal: non-term interest rate applied according to current regulations of BAOVIET Bank
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- Flexible term with Attractive interest rate
- Deposition and settlement available at all Branches / Transaction Offices at BAOVIET Bank
- Deposit kept safe and secure
- Ownership Transfer made at Branches / Transaction Offices received Deposit
- Term deposit balance possibly used as collateral for all forms of credit at BAOVIET Bank and other credit institutions
- Simple procedure, Fast processing time
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Please contact the nearest BAOVIET Bank branch or call the hotline for more details
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