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Business Loan

High Loan Limit:

Up to 85% of capital demand

Long Loan Tenors:

Up to 240 months

Loan Method:

Various by Limit, Loan, by overdraft limit

Tiện ích

• Tenor: Up to 240 months
• Loan limit: Up to 85% total loan demand
• Loan disbursement method: By limit, by case, by overdraft limit
• Repayment method: flexible as per customer's income
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Đặc điểm sản phẩm

• Applicant: Individual customer in need of loan for production and business activities
• Loan purposes: Working capital supplement, fixed assets investment, business extension
• Loan repayment resources: business result, salary, properties rental
• Collaterals: valuable paper, real estate, car
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• Operating business plan;
• Identity document (ID card/citizen ID/Passport);
• Documentary evidence of the applicant’s financial capacity and repayment source;
• Documentary evidence of the loan use purpose (Sale Contract, payment documents...)
• Collateral Documents
• Other Documents (optional)
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Simple procedure, fast processing time
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