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Account Management


Optimal Profitability


Save time and money on managing different accounts


Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking


With this service, BAOVIET Bank helps customer who are Groups, Corporations, and Companies with a nationwide sales network wishing to accumulate funds at Corporation/Group level or allocate it for subsidiaries quickly and promptly. Accordingly, BAOVIET Bank shall provide customer with one primary account and many sub-accounts with preset day-opening balances and day-closing ones, then the system, based on said balance, will automatically accumulate the over-balance amounts from sub-accounts to the primary account or allocate the under-balance amounts to the sub-accounts from the primary account. The balance on all accounts shall still enjoy optimal interest rate.
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- Accumulate funds in a certain place to increase power
- Effectively enhance control and liquidity management of the corporate
- Automatically accumulate idle funds from sub-accounts to one primary account
- Save idle funds to maximize profits
- Customer is supported by BAOVIET Bank to deal with its temporary capital needs through overdraft facility of the primary / sub-account
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- Application for account service
- Service contract
- Other relevant documents
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