Local credit card| BAOVIET Bank

Local credit card

Credit Limit:

VND 10 million - 500 million

Annual fee:

VND 200 thousand (free first - year annual fee)

Outstanding Features:

- Buy first, Pay later
- Secure with advanced Chip Technology


- BAOVIET Bank card is accepted nationwide
- A certain credit limit (LOC) will be provided and carholder can spend within the limit
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- Maximum Interest - free period up to 55 days
- Cash withdrawal charge of 1% over the transaction amount
- Maximum cash advance/withdrawal of 100% over the credit limit (LOC) provided
- Secure with advanced Chip Technology
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Interest Rates

Interest Rate: From 10%/year
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- Conversion to Chip card at no cost
- Cash back
- Enjoy rewards when spending at BAOVIET Bank partner's transaction points
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Conditions & Application

- Applicant must be at least 18 years old
- Valid ID card/Passport, certified copy of household registration book/KT3 residence permit
- Labour contract
- Payroll slip of 3 nearest months
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