Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Customer entitles BAOVIET Bank to collect, use, store and analyze information provided by customer via website BAOVIET Bank shall protect customer personal information in compliance with the provisions of the Vietnamese law.

1. General Principle

When accessing the website, Customer commits to agree to and comply with the terms of the Privacy Policy. This policy may be amended/ changed by BAOVIET Bank at any time without prior notice to customer. The new policy shall take effect from the date of being updated and posted on the website of BAOVIET Bank.

This policy does not apply to information provided by customer to third-party websites which is not under the control and management of BAOVIET Bank, BAOVIET Bank shall not be liable for confidentiality of information provided by customer via third-party websites.

Customer's termination of service with BAOVIET Bank does not terminate the use of Customer's information at BAOVIET Bank in accordance with the terms specified in this Privacy Policy.

2. Information Collection Purposes

The information that BAOVIET Bank requests customer to provide for these following purposes:

  • It helps BAOVIET Bank better understand customer’s needs so as to provide appropriate products and services.
  • Contact customer to introduce, advice, instruct products or services or respond to information about customer requests.
  •   Support business activities and improve service quality of BAOVIET Bank
  •  Other purposes as prescribed by law.

3. Using Information

BAOVIET Bank uses customer information for the following purposes:

  • Manage and operate the website in accordance with the law. Therefore, BAOVIET Bank shall make necessary adjustments to increase the efficiency and service capacity of the bank via this website.
  • Serve requirements in the internal activities of BAOVIET Bank including but not limited to: Providing, exchanging some information of the Customer to internal auditors, affiliates of BAOVIET Bank or to other members of Baoviet Holdings or its prestigious partners of BAOVIET Bank for service-related purposes or to develop and enhance the provision of financial and banking services BAOVIET Bank and other members of Baoviet Holdings; Risk management purposes; Product or system planning and development; Other purposes as provided for by law;

BAOVIET Bank commits not to disclose information of customer except in the following cases:

  • At the request of a competent state agency or in accordance with the law;
  • Upon written request of Client and / or Guardian / Legal Representative of Client, the Heirs of Client and or a third party agreed or authorized by Client.
  • At the request of an independent auditor of BAOVIET Bank, the State Bank of Vietnam.
  • At the request of a third Party that BAOVIET Bank has signed a cooperation contract to the extent necessary to perform the purpose of providing services to the Customer that this 3rd Party must comply with the same privacy standards as the Privacy Policy.

4. Privacy methods

All customer information sent to BAOVIET Bank via the website is protected by encryption technology to ensure that customer information is protected at maximum level on transmission line.

BAOVIET Bank shall take all the most reasonable methods to ensure the privacy of customer personal information in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

5. Other Regulations

  • BAOVIET Bank can contact customer by phone, via email... to provide information or advice on the Bank's products and services.
  • Customer information storage time is implemented by BAOVIET Bank in accordance with law.

In case customer want to access or change the personal information provided, please contact BAOVIET Bank's Call Center at 1900 55 88 48 and / or via email: