Tin Tai Nghiep (Insurance for Unsecured loans)

"More peaceful in mind, more successful"

Are you in need of a loan without collateral to be more comfortable with your financial plan?

BAOVIET Bank is pleased to stand by you on the path to success with the loan product in tandem with Tin Tai Nghiep Insurance.


  • You must currently be working in a company operating in the same area as BAOVIET Bank;
  • You need your house registration book/temporary resident permit in the same locality of BAOVIET Bank;
  • You must have 2 years of working experience and your remaining labor contract term must be longer than the loan term;
  • Your regular monthly income must be at least VND 4,000,000.
  • Convenience
    • No collateral required;
    • No company’s payment guarantee required;
    • High loan limit to be granted from VND 20,000,000 to maximum of VND 500,000,000;
    • Long loan term: from 6 to 60 months;
    • Flexible mode of interest and principal payment suitable to customers’ income.
  • Attractive insurance benefits
    • To be provided with An Tam Tai Nghiep insurance policy by BAOVIET Life Insurance;
    • Maximum insured amount is VND 550,000,000;
    • In case, the covered risk occurs, the insurance company will act on behalf of customers to service theirs debt, ensuring implementation of their financial plans as desired.
  • Application for a loan
    • ID card/ Passport and house registration book/ temporary resident permit (KT3) of the borrower and the borrower's spouse;
    • Marriage certificate;
    • Loan Request form and loan repayment Proposal according to BAOVIET Bank’s form -    Copies of Employer’s confirmation according to BAOVIET Bank’s form;
    • Copies of labor contract, marriage certificate, and payroll account statements of the recent 3 months.