Tin Phat Loc (Insurance for Car Loans)

Enjoying the moments of comfort and relaxation with your family and relatives on your new car is your dream. With Tin Phat Loc product, BAOVIET Bank will bring you pride, security, and will not only be a trusted friend on your long journeys but also join hands with you to build your sustainable future.



  • Individuals who have legal capacity and full capacity for civil acts.
  • Aged between 18 and 55 but not over 65 years old at the policy’s maturity date.
  • Diverse Utilities
    • Rapidly responding to financial needs of owning a new car;
    • Responding to 90% of customer needs;
    • Loan term up to four years;
    • Loan interest to be calculated on loan balance and the actual loan time;
    • Using the car to be purchased or other assets as collateral;
    • Offering preferential premium on Car Material Insurance, civil liability insurance or passenger insurance.
  • Attractive benefits
    • The loan shall be insured when buying An Tam Tai Phat Insurance offered BAOVIET Life Insurance Company;
    • The insured sum is up to VND 1,500,000,000;
    • In case, the risk occurs within coverage limitation, BAOVIET Life Insurance will on your behalf complete the loan repayment obligations and your financial plan will be ensured to be implemented as expected. The car is still under your ownership.
  • Insurance premium:
    • Insurance premium shall be counted on the amount borrowed and the premium rate. The minimum level is 0.35% and maximum 1.00% of the loan value.


  • Documents:
    • ID card (passport) and House registration book/temporary residence permit
      of borrower and spouse;
    • Request for Loan cum insurance according to BAOVIET Bank form;
    • Documents to verify financial capacity and solvency sources;
    • Copy of Car purchase Agreement, a record of vehicle to be purchased, the original payment vouchers;
    • Document to prove the legal ownership of mortgaged assets for the loan, if the mortgaged asset is not an automobile to be purchased using the loan.
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