Tin An Thinh (Insurance for Overdrafts loans)

Flexibility in loan usability and a peace of mind throughout the loan term are always the biggest wish of customers. Understanding this significance, BAOVIET Bank introduced the Tin An Thinh Loans product to customers which allows overdraft facility of personal account secured by assets in combination with insurance.


  • Having legal capacity and full civil conduct capacity;
  • Being at the age from 18 to 55, but not older than 66 at the maturity of the overdraft term;
  • Security (property or valuable certificates) must be legally owned by the Customer.


  • Flexibility
    • Overdraft amount is up to VND 500,000,000;
    • Flexibility in the withdrawal: the amount of capital to be withdrawn could be up to actual need of the Customer;
    • Convenience in transactions: withdrawing can be made at branches, via ATM, at card-accepting points, or by bank transfer using I-banking.
  • Secured consuming
    • Buyers of An Nghiep Thanh Cong insurance policies can be provided with insurance sum equal to the requested overdraft amount;
    • During the overdraft term, if unfortunate risk occurs, Bao Viet Life Insurance will pay the debt obligations on behalf of the customer and pay Customer or his/her relatives an amount to support life.
  • Documents:
    • Request form of personal account overdraft cum application for insurance (according to BAOVIET Bank’s form);
    • ID card / passport and House registration book/temporary resident permit of customers;
    • Security asset related documents;
    • Documents to prove financial capability of customer. 
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