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Private Business Owner Loan

High Loan Limit:

Up to 85% loan demand

Long Loan Tenor:

Up to 84 months

Repayment Method:



• Tenor: maximum 84 months
• Loan Limit: Up to 85% of capital demand
• Repayment method: flexible as per customer's income
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• Applicants: Individual customer is private enterprise owner
• Loan purpose: Working capital supplement (by item/credit line), fixed asset investment or project finance
• Repayment resource: business result, salary, properties rental
• Hồ sơ tài chính của DNTN: BCTC, Tờ khai thuế, các HĐKT đầu vào/ra,….
• Collateral: Valuable paper, real estate, car
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• ID card / passport /CIC; Family record book/ Temporary residential permit (KT3) of the applicant and spouse (if any);
• Business Registration Certificate of private enterprise (PE)
• Loan and repayment plan of the PE according to BAOVIET Bank form
• PE financial records: financial statements, tax declaration documents, input / output economic contracts,….
• Documentary evidence of the loan use purpose (Sale Contract, payment documents of goods, property, invoice,… .;
• Documentary evidence of the applicant’s financial capacity and repayment source;
• Other papers (if any)
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