Unsecured Loans

If your monthly salary is paid via BAOVIET Bank, you can make spending plan for many early intentions.

  • Customers can borrow with no security properties
  • Loan limit is high (up to VND 200 million for staffs and officers and up to VND 500 million for managers).
  • Loan term is up to 48 months.
  • Object: Managers, staffs who are paid monthly salary by their companies via BAOVIET Bank.
  • Repayment method: Customers can repay according to the following methods:
    • Repaying principal periodically, and repaying interest on the declining balance.
    • Repaying by a fixed annuity (repaying fixed amount periodically that includes principal and interest).
    • Repaying principal periodically and interest on the add-on basis.
  • Loan Conditions:
    • You must have household registration book or certificate of long-term temporary residence in the areas where BAOVIET Bank locates.
    • You must be at the age of 22 to 55 for females and to 60 for male
    • You must have minimum wage from VND 3 million (for officers and staffs) and from VND 6 million (for managers).
    • Your must have infinite labor contract or labor contract with term of at least 12 months and have worked for the employer for at least 12 months.
    • You must have personnel information with your company’s approval
  • Collaterals: are not required
  • Loan application form of BAOVIET Bank (Download here)
  • Household Registration Book or certificate of long-term temporary residence.
  • ID card or Passport
  • Copy of Labor contract, Salary Decision, Appointment decision, etc.
  • The latest 3-month account statement that is approved by BAOVIET Bank or other banks.

To find out more information, please call BAOVIET Bank Customer Sevices Center. Tel: 1900 55 88 48 or (04) 39 38 19 19