Salary Overdrafts

The Product is a flexible loan for your demand of spending in excess of your wage account balance at BAOVIET Bank. You will only pay interest for the actual amount and days of loan.

  • Allowable value can be VND 100 million at the maximum;
  • Maximum period of overdraft: 12 months;
  • You can draw your loan anytime and anywhere, with unlimited times of withdrawal;
  • Forms are diverse: cash withdrawal, transfer, Internet-Banking, ATM card, or use at places accepting Card payment;
  • Procedures are simple.
  • Object of Loans: Personnel of State-owned authorities, administrative bodies, enterprises with wage payment through BAOVIET Bank accounts.
  • Currency: VND
  • Repayment method
    • When your money is transferred to your account, the overdrawn amount will be automatically colle
    • cted;
    • Interest will be calculated for actual days of your overdraft.
    • Interest will be paid at the end of month, principal will be paid at maturity
  • Loan conditons:
    • You have your permanent residence book, or are in form of KT3 in the local area of BAOVIET BANK.
    • You receive your wage through a BAOVIET Bank account.
  •  Security: No mortgage
  • Application for Personal Account Opening in case of the first branch with BAOVIET Bank
  • Request for overdraft in required form
  • Permanent residence book or long-term temporary residence certificate, ID Card or Passport.
  • Documents proving your income (Labor Contract, Decision of Wage, Decision of Assignment, Statements of your wage account in the last 3 months…);
  • Your home telephone Bills (copy).

To find out more information, please call BAOVIET Bank Customer Sevices Center. Tel: 1900 55 88 48 or (04) 39 38 19 19