Loans for buying, Building and Repairing house

BAOVIET Bank helps realize your beautiful intention.

  • Various loan use purposes: Buying residential houses and land – building and repairing residential houses;
  • More amount of loan, up to 85% of total loan demand;
  • The bought houses and land can be used as collateral;
  • Longer loan term, up to 12 years;
  • Offset loans for customers' land and house transactions, residential house purchase or repair within 06 months;
  • Flexible repayment methods that suit customers' repayment capacity.
  • Object: Individual customers who need cash to buy residential houses and land – build and repair their residential houses.
  • Repayment method: Flexible repayment methods, depending on the customers' capacity:
    • Repaying principal in fixed periods, and monthly interest on actual balance;
    • Repaying principal at term end, and monthly interest on actual balance.
  • Loan Conditions:
    • Customers must have their registered permanent addresses or registered long-term temporary residence in the area of BAOVIET Bank;
    • Customers must have their own capital and financial capacity to ensure repayment of principal and interest within their committed term;
    • Customers must have properties satisfactory to BAOVIET Bank for the purpose of guaranteeing the loan;
    • The houses or land lots to be bought must be transferable or licensed to be built and/or repaired according to the laws.
  • Collaterals: The bought houses or land lots or other properties.
  • Loan request and repayment plan form;
  • Certificate of registered permanent residence or long-term temporary residential permit, identity card or passport;
  • Documentary evidence of the applicant’s financial capacity and repayment source;
  • Documentary evidence of the loan use purpose (House sale and purchase contract, payment documents, written evidence of legitimate ownership of the house(s) intended to build or repair, construction permit...);
  • Documents related to collateral (If the collateral is not the houses and/or land lots to be purchased).

To find out more information, please call BAOVIET Bank Customer Sevices Center. Tel: 1900 55 88 48 or (04) 39 38 19 19