Household overfrafts

Household Overdraft provides more utilities for Household customers who borrow capital from BAOVIET Bank for their business demand.

  • Overdraft limit may be as high as 1 billion Vietnamese dongs;
  • Customers may withdraw the loan when and where they want, and there is no limit to the withdrawal times;
  • Various forms of use: cash withdrawal, account transfer at counter or ATM, payment at card acceptance points;
  • Fast, compact and convenient procedure;
  • Long term loan up to 12 months.
  • Object: Households that need to use overdraft service to satisfy their capital demand for their production, business and service.
  • Currency: VND
  • Repayment method:
    • When your money is transferred to your account, the overdrawn amount will be automatically collected;
    • Interest will be calculated for actual days of your overdraft
    • Interest will be paid at the end of month, principal will be paid at maturity
  • Loan conditions
    • Household owners must be from 20 to 65 years old;
    • Household owners must have their registered permanent residential address or registered long-term temporary residence in the area where BAOVIET Bank's office is located;
    • Households must have location of business plan implementation in the same area where a BAOVIET Bank branch is located;
    • Households must carry out transactions via their bank accounts for at least 06 months and commit to carry out all transactions via their accounts opened at BAOVIET Bank;
    • Households must have legitimate collateral acceptable to BAOVIET Bank.
  • Collaterals:
    • Real estates;
    • Valuable papers: Bonds, saving books, bills of exchange, deposit certificates, government bonds, and debentures; 
    • Mobile assets: 2-7-seat cars acceptable to BAOVIET Bank;
  • Request form for issuance of overdraft limit for household (download)
  • Certificate of registered permanent residence or long-term temporary residence permit, identity card or passport of the business household owners;
  • Certificate of Business Household Registration, Practice Registration Certificate (if any);
  • Documentary evidence of the business performance status and financial capacity of customers (business records, tax receipts, invoices, contracts...);
  • Documents related to collateral. 

To find out more information, please call BAOVIET Bank Customer Sevices Center. Tel: 1900 55 88 48 or (04) 39 38 19 19