Payroll Plus

Payroll Plus is an automated payroll service of BAOVIET Bank for corporate customers. Thereby customers can pay employees’ salaries and wages through accounts opened at BAOVIET Bank quickly, conveniently with much more added value.

Customers may choose to make payment of payroll in 2 ways:

  • Option 1: Pay via BAOVIET i-Banking. In this way, customers simply log into BAOVIET i-banking system, enter the information and load up payroll to enjoy the fast and convenient payment transactions. It is totally free of charge.
  • Option 2: Pay over the counter. In this way, for every payment period, customer provides information of payroll for BAOVIET Bank to make payment on Customers’ behalf.

Customer's Benefits:

  • Cost savings (cost for management, payroll and counting workforce...)
  • Increasing productivity: Reduce the workload for staff while completing the job
  • Accuracy and reliability: Multi checked procedure applied before making payment
  • Safety and Security: Reducing risks of counterfeit money, money tearing in payment of cash, confidential payroll information
  • Rapidity and Convenience: Fast operation, done anywhere
  • Higher transaction limit
  • Many other value added utilities

Special Offers:

  • For customers:
    • Free registration for BAOVIET Payroll service
    • Free registration for BAOVIET i-Banking service for the first time
    • Free opening staff's current accounts for the first time within 03 years since the signed day of the contract
    • Free five-year annual service charge for Payroll Plus service
    • Free five outside transfers via Internet Banking per month within 12 months since the signed day of the contract (Be applicable to transfers that are under VND500 million)
  • For customers'staff:
    • Free opening current accounts for the first time
    • Free registration for BAOVIET i-Banking service for the first time
    • Free annual charge for the first year
    • Preferential loan or overdraff without collateral
  • Payroll Plus service contract (template provided by BAOVIET Bank)
  • List of staff to open accounts and cards (in batches)
  • Application form for Payroll Plus Service
  • Application form for BAOVIET i-Banking service (in case customers want to make payment via Internet Banking)