Car Financing

This is the product designed to support corporate customers to purchase cars for transportation and business purposes. The product provides customers with benefits and convenience in loan procedure, loan interest rates, loan tenor and collateral.

  • Applicant must have feasible financial capability and repayment plan
  • Applicant’s registered head office locates on the same administrative area with BAOVIET Bank’s branch where application is applied
  • The car must be brand new with eligible origin, yet to be registered ; and the time interval between manufacturing date and loan application date should not be over 2 years
  • High loan amount: Up to 70% of the value of the purchased car.
  • Long loan tenor: at maximum 48 months
  • Simple, quick and convenient procedure, maximun duration for application approving is 3 working days
  • Competitive interest rate, lowest interest payment basing on actual outstanding balance and days of loan
  • Use the-car-to-purchase itself or other asset as collateral
  • Flexible interest payment method: annually or certain periodically
  • Packaged solution with value added services tailored to fit customers’ demands such as: car insurance, asset insurance, financial advisory, etc.
  • Loan Request form (repayment plan included)
  • Certificates of business registration and tax registration
  • Decisions on assignment of General Director, Chief Accountant
  • Corporate’s Charter
  • Minute of B.O.D’s meeting on approval to buy car
  • Financial statements of the last 2 years
  • Contract for the sale and purchase of car, car documents, invoice/receipt