Contractors' Contruction and Erection Insurance

This insurance protects customers from loss or damage to their construction and erection works.

The Insured:

  • Investor
  • Contractors (including of suppliers, subcontractors)
  • Architects, consulting engineers, professional advisers and others involved in the construction

Insured Subjects:

  • Contruction
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Cost of cleaning up the scene
  • Third party liability
  • Other Construction & Erection Works
Material Damage by the following causes:
  • Fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft, fire-fighting water,…
  • Flood, Inundation, rain, snow, avalanche, tsunami, storm, typhoon..
  • Earthquake, land subsidence, landslides
  • Theft
  • Poor Workmanship, lack of experience, negligence
Third Party Liability: Insurance against civil liability legally arising by the Insured to the loss or damage or bodily injury, which the Insured is responsible to the third party, directly relating to the insured project happening during the insurance period.
  • Contractors' Contruction  and Erection Insurance Application
  • Business registration
  • Documents that provide ownership of assets (buildings, equipment, machinery,…)