Car Insurance

Vehicles are important assets and production tools of corporates, especially those involve in passenger and goods transportation. Together with the booming development of transportation vehicles, the level of risks related to vehicles is increasing respectively. To share the possible risks that corporates may incur, BAOVIET Bank has developed products of vehicle insurance with various options in insurance type, insurance value, insurance duration that best satisfy the actual needs of corporates.

Apply for cars, dedicated motorbikes  including cars, tractors, trailers or semi-trailers are dual with cars, tractors, construction machinery vehicles, forestry and agriculture motorcycles, and other specialty vehicles involved in road traffic.

Types of insurance:

  • Third party liability insurance
  • Automobile physical damage insurance
  • Passengers accident insurance
  • Indemity for car physical damages caused by:
    • Accidents
    • Crash, overturn
    • Fire/ explosive accidents
    • Natural disaters such as: storm, flood, eboulement, lightening, earthquake, hail, tsunami
    • Theft
  • Indemnity for vihicle owner’s civil liability caused by:
    • Bodily injury and property damages of third party caused by the vehicle
    • Passenger’s bodily injury or death (in accordance with passenger transportation contract)
    • Goods/cargo damages (in accordance with transportation contract)
  • Indemnity for bodily injury of driver and passengers riding in the insured vehicle
  • Indemnity for necessary and reasonable expenses arising from the accident within the scope of insurance in order to prevent, restrain arising damages, to protect and send the vehicle to the nearest garage, to varify the damage
  •  Expandable terms are available depending on customer’s option: indemnity for spare parts alternating without depreciation; damages due to inundation with the right to choose garage for repair
  • Vehicle insurance request
  • Certificate of business registration
  • Documents to prove the ownership of the vehicle