"Gom lộc phát tài" savings

With the target “Saving a little everyday to have a big sum at the end”, "Gom lộc phát tài" saving account is a perfect suggestion for saving small, idle income right now to save for the big future. 

  • Customer can register to have money automatically deducted from the current account on a monthly basis without going to the bank; 
  • Flexible installment savings, meet with diverse financial capability of customer;
  • Non restriction on number of deposit time during the whole period; 
  • Customer can flexibly withdraw principal one time without affecting the remaining amount recorded on saving book; 
  • Customer can transfer, use as loan morgage at BAOVIET Bank as regulated. 
  • Applied currency: VND;
  • Minimum balance: 300.000 VND;
  • Term: 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36 month; 
  • Interest rate: floating as regulated interest of BAOVIET Bank at certain periods; 
  • A part of the principal can be withdrawned before due date. This amount shall enjoys non-term interest and the interest will be paid when account is closed. The remaining amount still enjoys the interest and term recorded in saving book;
  • Closing "Gom lộc phát tài" saving account:
    • At mature date: Principal, interest will be automaticaaly transfer to the registed current account; 
    • Before mature date: Customer can earn non term interest based on the real deposit time. 
  • Who can apply:
    • All Vietnamese and foreigners living legally in Vietnam
  • Registration document:
    • Valid Identity card/Passport;
    • Opening personal account application, if transacted with BAOVIET Bank for the first time; 
    • Application to open "Gom lộc phát tài" account as formed by BAOVIET Bank.

 All querries and questions, please contact BAOVIET Bank call center: 1900 55 88 48 or (04) 39 38 19 19.