Tin An Nghiep (Insurance for Overdrafts against salary)

You want to get loan fast, with simple procedures, without security assets to meet your instant financial needs.  

With Tin An Nghiep product,  you will actually feel more secure on your way to success.


  • Having legal capacity, full civil conduct capacity;
  • Having salary paid through bank account at BAOVIET Bank.
  • Maximum Utility
    • Loan amount: up to VND 100,000,000;
    • Flexibility in withdrawal: the amount of capital to be withdrawn could be up to actual need of the Customer;
    • Convenience in transactions: withdrawing can be made at branches, via ATM, at card-accepting points, or bank account transfer using I-banking;
    • Overdraft limit can be adjusted during the overdraft term.
  • Secure consumption
    • Buyers of An Nghiep Thanh Cong Insurance will be provided with a sum equal to the requested overdraft amount;
    • During the overdraft term, if unfortunate risk occurs, BAOVIET Life Insurance will pay the debt obligations on behalf of Customer and pay Customer or his/ her relatives an amount to support life. 
  • Documents:
    • Request form of personal account overdraft cum application for insurance (according to BAOVIET Bank’s form).
    • ID card / passport and House registration book/temporary resident permit
      of customers.
    • Documents to prove financial capability of customer